We Need You for Our Upcoming Video Series! “We’re Open”


Dear Chamber members,
We’re working on a special 60-second video to promote the open business of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and encourage our community to shop local.
We would love to include YOU.
Participation is easy and only requires you, your cell phone, and just a few minutes or your time.
We’ll plan to use the first 40-50 responses that we receive, so send us your video quickly!
  • Find a quiet, well-lit place to shoot.
  • Be sure there’s more light in front of you than behind you so we can see your lovely face.
  • Shoot so the composition of your video is approximately 1/3 you and 2/3 background, like in the examples below.
  • Please shoot in landscape (widescreen) like in the examples above.
  • Hold the phone slightly above eye level. (We don’t want to see up your nose.)
  • If possible, include your logo, sign, office, or store in the background, but don’t worry if you can’t.
  • Look at your camera lens when you speak.
  • Speak slowly and be sincere.
The Script:
NOTE: You don’t need to recite the full script all at once. You can read and then speak one line at a time. We’ll edit. Just remember to look at your camera lens when you are speaking.
I’m [Your first and last name] from [Your company] and we’re open.
We are the businesses of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce and we want you to know that most of us are still open for business in spite of COVID-19, and we are all struggling to get through.
So before you shop online with Amazon, check us out. From accountants to vineyards and everything in between, many of us are offering online services, sales, and even shipping to your home. You can find us all at www.CarrollCountyChamber.org.
So be kind. Stay safe. And shop local.
We’re all in this together.
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