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Our 100th Anniversary Party!
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April 2025 trip to Turkey
Turkey Trip 2025
Join us for a Turkish Delight
3rd Annual Public Safety Awards hosted by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce | Honoring the First Responders of Carroll County, Maryland
The Carroll County Chamber of Commerce
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The core mission of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce is to promote a sound economic environment in which our business community can prosper. This work goes hand-in-hand with the business of attracting and nurturing new business.

Carroll County actively and aggressively seeks new opportunities for industrial development projects. The Carroll County Department of Economic Development works in partnership with the Maryland Department of Economic Development to attract new business to the County as well as encourage expansion of resident industry. More than 3,800 national and international businesses reside in the County. Economic development continues to be a number one priority for Carroll County proven by the Board of County Commissioner’s commitment to rezone new industrial land and by their using resident industry visits as a major retention tool.

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I’ve belonged to several chambers over the years and none have been like Carroll’s. It’s just a great organization all around.
Joe D.
Amazing local organization - every local business should join!

Dennis T.
Great group of helpful, energetic people! Thanks for all the support!

Deb K.

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