Board Member Spotlight

Richard Turner

Chair Elect
Community Media Center of Carroll County
Inform, engage and build community through digital media production, streaming and on cable HD- 1086. Check out our website how we can partner with you and #watchlocal.
Working in the mail/copy room of a community action nonprofit
As an aspiring photographer I admired Ansel Adams and, in an interview, he revealed if he was able to do it all over again, Adams said he would choose video. That inspired me to begin and ultimately adopt video as my primary craft.
I’ve been fortunate to do what I love for the vast majority of my career with many highlights, accomplishments and recognitions. But my most satisfying is right here at the CMC, forging an excellent team to do excellent work which has a positive impact serving our community.
JeannieBird Baking Company as it was the first local business I patronized. The origin story is so endearing as is Bernie. I really appreciate the pursuit of fine perfection in the culinary arts and being a connoisseur of the grape.
Wait, I’m supposed to have days off?
Apple+: “Ted Lasso” because you can still be a fish out of water and be an exceptional leader
Earth, Wind & Fire: “Keep Your Head to the Sky”
“Don’t be an underbudget failure.” Alex Likowski
Being a part of the entrepreneurial drive in Carroll County and networking to learn, share and refine what makes Carroll exceptional.