Board Member Spotlight

Jon Weetman

Jonathan C. Weetman Attorney at Law
Provide legal services to businesses of all sizes, but really specialize in helping entrepreneurs reach their goals.
Working in an Asian restaurant supply warehouse and driving a truck delivering supplies to Chinese restaurants.
Law was a mid-career shift. I decided that instead of working in one business, I could be of more help assisting many businesses.
My stint as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at McDaniel College. What a privilege to work with so many college entrepreneurs!
Too hard to pick! There are so many.
Expanding Boundaries International. Leticia Nortey’s work to expose students to other countries and provide opportunities for them to travel internationally I believe is more needed now than ever.
Playing hockey of course!
I like the Stuff You Know podcast, but Spittin’ Chicklets podcast is the go-to for my hockey fix.
That could change once a month. For this moment let’s say the Logical Song by Supertramp.
If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right. – Gordie Howe
Meeting the other members and learning about Carroll businesses.