Board Member Spotlight

Dr. James Ball

Carroll Community College
Carroll Community College is a comprehensive 2-year College offering a wide range of credit academic programs leading to a certificate or Associates degree, and noncredit workforce development training and professional recertification programs. Carroll also provides consulting services for businesses of any size, and partners with County agencies, such as the Office of Economic Development, Carroll County Workforce Development Center, and SBDC, to provide small business start-up training services.
I ran my own house painting company during and after my college years.
I enjoyed the higher education setting and I determined that Community Colleges, with our open admissions concept, were Democracies’ College. I love the mission and the students we serve. Since beginning my professional career in 1977 as a Psychology Faculty member and Counselor at Galveston College, I have never left the Community College setting.
Completing my doctorate is a highlight as well as serving as President of Carroll Community College, We have been rated by several College rating groups over the past few years as the number 1 Community College in Maryland.
All the businesses, large and small that support Carrol Community College students, and of course, are also members of the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce.
I practice my drums… I play drums with the band Escape Goat. I am also very handy, and I do a lot of home renovation work for family and friends.
For TV recently: “Rogue Heroes” on Epix. It is a fantastic serries set in WWII by the producers of the Peaky Blinders series. For Book: Reading Pete the Cat, I Love my White Shoes” to my granddaughter.
Bob Marley’s “One Love”
A long time ago I was on a consulting team doing workshops for the Texas Education Agency. One time, after I had gotten into an argument with an unrelentingly negative workshop participant, the “old boy” who was our team leader told me: “Jeeim, whin yew get into a piss-fight with a skunk, there’ll only be one winner, and it won’t be yew.” From his unforgettable comment, I have never forgotten to choose my battles very carefully.
The activities like Biz Challenge, and my many associations and interactions with members of the Carroll County Business Community.