Board Member Spotlight

Coleen Kramer-Beal

Velnoskey Wealth Management Group
The Velnoskey Wealth Management Group provides holistic financial planning, asset management and insurance services. Our vision is to meaningfully enhance the lives and legacies of our clients with trusted, personalized planning and advice.
McDonald’s in Destin, FL.
It chose me! After college, I was working as a paralegal in a law firm and was invited to apply for the Branch Administrator’s role with our neighbor, Prudential Securities.
I was the first branch employee to receive the Janney Values Award in 2016.
I like too many places to have a favorite! I can, however, often be found at Papa Joe’s Mexican Restaurant. The food is super yummy and they employ two of my favorite people (kids #4 and #5)!
I’m on the Board of the Marriage and Relationship Education Center (MREC). So many of the struggles we face later in life come from our most personal relationships. I love being part of something that helps equip people with relationship skills.
I could read a good book all day long! My favorite place to read is our backyard, which has a wonderful fire pit swing. It doubles as a great space to just relax and visit with friends or family and throw a ball for our pups.
I keep a Bible handy for reference and a historical romance for the happy endings, lovable ladies, and men in kilts!
I love the people! This Chamber is all about helping and supporting each other both personally and professionally.